studio coda is a cosmopolitan design and architecture studio founded by a culturally diverse team, which collaboratively deals with a wide range of questions and challenges in the built environment. studio coda covers a broad spectrum of services; from process advisory, feasibility studies, environmental consulting, to the planning and realization of various building typologies. They include educational, cultural as well as residential buildings. Through its global interdisciplinary network, studio coda is able to work on projects internationally.


Our team gained more than 15 years of experience in the successful leading and delivery of sustainable projects within renowned international architectural offices. We are intensively engaged in climate-conscious building culture, that harnesses and supports the site specific and naturally available materials and energy resources which in turn strengthens our aim for healthy and cost-effective spaces.

design & architecture
Design is a creative response to a given challenge. It could manifest in the form of an object, a process or a way of thinking. We believe that design is essential to look at every new challenge or brief in a creative and innovative way. Architecture is a cultural, environmental and contextual response to a spatial challenge or need in the built environment. We find joy in the interplay of design and architecture and we believe it is reflected in our interactions and projects.


Working collaboratively and defining common ground for shared values and goals on which a project of any type can grow naturally, makes the process enjoyable for all involved and bring about better outcomes. Collaboration is the initial spark to necessary friction within a discussional environment that brings fruitful contributions and high quality results to all projects. Collaboration should occur at different levels and contexts, starting with the client's and user's needs, and continuing in the design team within the practice and across disciplines within a project.


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